Matthew Thomason

Matthew makes movies.

I make videos sometimes.

Below is a selection of freelance work, as well as some stuff I've done for fun.

Interested in working with me? Let's make it happen! You can reach me via the contact page.

Mr. Sunday Movies

James Clement aka. Mr. Sunday is a popular YouTube content creator, with over 1 million subscribers. I serve as editor on some of his weekly videos.

Below is a selection of some of these videos. For a full gallery, visit this page.

(Views and opinions expressed in the audio of these videos do not necessarily reflect that of Matthew Thomason.)

The Window Well

A short film I made in about a day with a couple friends.
I wrote, I directed, I shot, I edited, I acted. Because, again, there were only three of us.

Camp Straight Street

Every week, I was tasked with writing, shooting, editing, and delivering a short video based on the weekly "camp character." Each video was made, start to finish, in four days or less.